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What Can You Do on a Quarter-Acre In Town?

Our unremarkeable beginnings.

Originally this started as a way to show other people how a couple ordinary people could go beyond 'mere gardening' in a suburban setting.

On a little quarter-acre city lot, a house, a garage, good neighbors (and one cranky one) around us - we endeavored to learn gardening basics.

Neither of us came from 'farm' backgrounds. One of us has parents that did modest gardening. But for the most part, we learned as we went.

Along our journey we dabbled with berry bushes and fruit trees, and eventually had a respectable fruit orchard with a couple hundred pounds of apples and pears per year.

Mistakes were make, most were corrected, some were avoided a second time, and some of them you'll find on the pages of this website.

Our hope is that you are introduced to a new possibility for your homestead - whether its in a condo, or whether its 2 acres 'with covenants'.

Just make sure you follow up your LEARNIN' with DOING, and you'll be surprised (like we were) 10 years later at how much you've accomplished.

And accomplishment IS a satisfying feeling.

So, dig in -> learn -> and do. Rinse and repeat!