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This was our first attempt to make a vertical garden.  Our choice of materials for this experiment in vertical gardening was to create a rain gutter garden system in which to plant leafy greens, radishes, and a few herbs.

The first tip: Manage your water.

I'd intended to set up a soaker hose system that connected to a garden hose on the top tier and snaked down to the bottom tier.

If each gutter is 10 foot long and it's 2-3 above one another, and there's  a 25 foot soaker hose, there won't be too much wasted length.

Everything you see was planted in March, except for the back row (if swiss chard) which was planted last fall (Aug/Sept/Oct? *shrug*)

From back to front: Swiss chard, beets, kohlrabi.  Oh that front thing with the rounded leaves is bok choi (I guess I didn't plant that in March, but transplanted it sometime before May 29 when this photo was taken.)

Although the photo is from May 29, these cold weather plants were seeded in the raised bed soil on April 29.

What you're seeing is 30 days of growth starting from April 29.

The raised bed soil was a mixture of earth (from the raised bed) and compost (from the landfill's composting of grass and leaves).  The soil in the raised bed has been in the raised bed 2 years. 

The first year, I simply built the wooden frame, laid down four layers of newspaper, and dumped in 4 inches of compost from the landfill.

A few years ago, we bought a small greenhouse.  Yes, a portable greenhouse.  We used it one spring a few years back to cover a raised bed in the spring, and took it down for several years.

Last autumn I decided to see how long plants would grow into the winter, and how early plants could be planted in the ground in the spring inside such a small greenhouse.

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