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The number of pears on the tree in July is quite impressive.  This is the second year in a row the pears have been very heavily fruitful.  (It seems that apple trees alternate years, which is why thinning of fruit is a common spring practice for those trees.)

But for growing pear varieties such as this one, it might not be necessary to thin the fruit in spring like those apple trees.

Our best growing pear tree is well over 25 feet tall and is a prolific producer of pears that ripen in early-to-mid August.

The photo below is from April when the blossoms were still pretty abundant.

Note the location of the small greenhouse in the background, and the location of the asparagus patch to the lower-right of the pear tree. 

To the lower-left of the pear tree is another raised bed garden that had previously been enclosed (in a prior year) inside the same small portable greenhouse as is shown in the background.

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