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I've read about using old car tires to make a potato barrel planter.  The concept is simple, where you place the tire on the ground, fill with soil, plant the seed potato, and then as the potato plant grows taller in the redneck potato barrel planter, you simply add more soil (like hilling) and add another tire.   You continue adding soil and tires periodically.

Although we didn't start our potatos as early as we could have, we still got them planted in a reasonable time for our (USDA) zone 5 climate.

Of the reasons for the delay was, (1) I wanted to build two additional raised beds for potatos, and (2) I hadn't bought seed potatos yet.

The first photo is of newly planted seed potatos (cut into sections with 1 eye per chunk  These chunks will be covered with soil and watered.  The bottom photo on this page shows how these chunks had grown in 24 days in May.  So the photo of the planting (and the planting) occurred on May 5.

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