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How to Raised Bed Gardening With Kids

Building a raised bed garden is so easy with some kits that it's literally "CHILD PLAY."

This 2 minute video is cute of a young child, dressed in a clone trooper costume (so we've been told) playing with a raised bed gardening kit, in reality building a raised bed garden in the city suburbs. In the background you can hear lawnmowers and weed trimmers.

Everything you see was planted in March, except for the back row (if swiss chard) which was planted last fall (Aug/Sept/Oct? *shrug*)

From back to front: Swiss chard, beets, kohlrabi.  Oh that front thing with the rounded leaves is bok choi (I guess I didn't plant that in March, but transplanted it sometime before May 29 when this photo was taken.)

March 16 was the day I planted edible pod peas, or snow pea (sometimes called chinese peas) outdoors in our (USDA zone 5) garden.

The pictures of pea plants that are shown here were taken on May 29. which is 74 days later.

I believe they were blossoming the following weeks.  We harvested our first 1/2 pound of snow peas on June 16.

We don't normally grow sweet peas (we choose not to take time for shelling), but these snow peas we can pick the pods and just steam or stir-fry the pods and eat them without having to 'shell peas.'

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